Want Fabulous Abs? Try This!

This first key to fab abs is cardio! Don't be intimidated by that word, we get cardiovascular fitness in many of our everyday activites. Such as, housework, working in the yard, playing with the kids, walking ,and taking the stairs are just a few examples. Not only with this help you to prevent or help manage many diseases, you will feel better and become a better you.

Try this, put on your favorite jam(song,not food!), then move whatever parts or part of you body that you can move for the entire song. Then repeat! Jam it twice! This also will help get you up and moving for what the universe has plannned for your day! If you can't get through the entire song that's okay, try again the next day to get a little further along. You are on your way to a new you! Ten minutes at a time!


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